Through September 2

Dave Eppley (NY) uses sign vinyl, an industrial tape available in a full spectrum of colors, to create his installations. His lines explore the architecture of a building, leading viewers to facets of a building that are often ignored or overlooked. Eppley’s work takes viewers on a lively visual journey in which the line leads them to reconsider space.

Colorful lines accrue and stratify as they stray from the organizing panel that inspired the title of Eppley’s Loom (2012). They seem to have a goal—to escape the gallery, which is perhaps the ultimate container of lines in art. Loom boldly charges into, and even overtakes, the public space of the Art Center Atrium, challenging the ideas that drawing is created and experienced privately.

Eppley’s lines also disrupt the historical hierarchy of art that places architecture at the top and drawing near the bottom. Loom’s visual effects and underlying connotations might best be summarized in Wassily Kandinsky’s (1866–1944) statement that “line is an imprint of energy—the visible trace of the invisible.”