An Exhibition About Family And Photography
September 30, 2012–January 20, 2013

Justin Kirchoff, Fight Club, silver gelatin print

The kids are all right brings the bedrock theme of family into the twenty-first century—an age when love defines the family unit more than tradition, convention, the law, or even blood. This exhibition will feature photography and time-based media created in the last ten years by 38 established and emerging artists who sensitively reveal, with radical openness, the current notion of family.

The artists in this exhibition demonstrate today’s reality: family is a complicated entanglement of people. These artists are not inhibited by the failed promise of a conventional family. Instead, family—natural or found—is revealed and accepted in whatever form it comes. Irony, distance, and judgment are rejected by these artists in favor of affirmation, honesty, and trust. There are no authoritative opinions or conclusions. Instead, there is poignancy, ambiguity, intimacy, and humor.

Just as families have changed, so too has photography. Nearly everyone now carries a digital camera in the form of a cell phone, and all manner of human behavior is extensively documented. Not only are images captured at more frequent intervals, they are immediately disseminated with little or no editing via email, Facebook, and YouTube. The medium and the manner in which photography is now understood substantially contribute to the frankness and honesty of the images included in the kids are all right.