Chloë Bass


Chloë Bass’s work focuses on intimacy as manifested in everyday settings. Originally trained as a theater director, Bass examines how commonplace acts and objects assist in the creation of identities and relationships. Her interdisciplinary works lead the viewer through successive stages of artistic communication, fostering a multifaceted engagement with the exploration of intimacy between two people. In her work, differing materials constitute new voices and variable entry points in an ever-evolving story.


Additional Resources


Subject to Change is a print piece which reflects on the intimacy between people and cities. The artist has overlaid six squares on the images of the Arts Center. Each square features a color that is predominantly in the image, and the text “subject to change” is overlaid. This piece is a reflection on the constant change cities experience due to the phenomenon of gentrification, as well as the role that arts organizations play in this process. 

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A Field Guide to Spatial Intimacy is a workbook which assists readers in creating a narrative based on the choreography of everyday steps and movements taken when sharing a space with others. 

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