General Sisters (Dana Bishop-Root and Ginger Brooks Takahashi)


General Sisters look on neighborliness, or “sistering,” as an extreme act. In an era when individuals are unlikely to know their fellow community members,  General Sisters bring neighbors together through collective acts of nurturing. With their neighbors, the Sisters nurture soil, grow food, and care for their community in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. They also run a store named General Sisters in North Braddock. Their earth-based practice extends to the air, as they also monitor local coal-plant emissions. With their Arts Center installation, General Sisters focus their neighboring practice on water and the ecological impact that caring for both bodies of water and wastewater can have on communities.   


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Humanure: A Webinar

Is the sewer system the only end for human waste? Or can it be turned into something useful? This webinar, featuring General Sisters Dana Bishop-Root and Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Nance Klehm of Spontaneous Vegetation, explores the context of, science behind, and vision for a system that turns human waste—humanure—into compost.

Please note: This video contains scatological content and is peppered with four-letter synonyms for “poop.”

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Humanure Print by General Sisters guides viewers through the process and materials needed to create their own composting toilet. 

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