Dr. Charles Smith is an artist who has worked prodigiously since 1986 using his homes, first in Aurora, IL, and currently in Hammond, LA, as stages to express the impact that the entire arc of African American history, from the diaspora to the present, on his psyche and on humanity. Calling both properties the African American Heritage Museum and Black Veteran’s Archive, the sites combine(d) home, studio, museum, and archive into powerful visual and experiential works of art as public history. Dr. Smith’s work is fueled by his experiences in the United States Marine Corps, into which he was drafted in 1966, and his combat service in Vietnam. Dr. Smith’s sites express history as a stream of historical moments created from the stuff of everyday life. His Aurora site was purchased in 2000 by Kohler Foundation, Inc., which restored approximately six hundred sculptures and gifted them to museums around the country; a major collection resides in the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI.