Jenenne Whitfield, DD, has served as the executive director of the critically acclaimed Heidelberg Project for twenty-three years. In 1993, she took a wrong turn and drove down a polka-dotted street–through a colorful chaos of paint and people–and asked a paint-spattered man, “What is all this?” The man was artist Tyree Guyton, and what he told her sparked an obsession that changed her life forever. Under Whitfield’s direction, The Heidelberg Project (founded by Tyree Guyton) has risen to international status and is currently recognized as one of the most influential art environments in the world. Together, Whitfield and Guyton coined and trademarked the idiom, Heidelberg-ology, defined as the study of discarded materials incorporated into the fabric and structure of an urban community and the effects. In addition to her role as executive director for The Heidelberg Project, Whitfield lectures regularly, has taught courses at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan on art as a social practice, and serves as a mentor to the next generation of art activists. Her favorite pastime is metaphysics, which she has studied for over thirty years. In 2017, Whitfield will lead a new chapter of The Heidelberg Project as the CEO of Heidelberg 3.0.