Susan Kelly, senior preservation coordinator at Kohler Foundation, Inc., is well versed in all aspects of the preservation process. She has been actively involved in the evaluation, care, documentation, and placement of art collections and has worked closely with donors, recipients, conservators, technicians, and appraisers. Kelly is Kohler Foundation’s primary liaison with appraisers and recipients, making sure all documentation is in order and in compliance. She regularly works on-site at Kohler Foundation in situ preservation projects. Recently, she placed over three thousand pieces of art by Bernard Langlais primarily in Maine colleges, universities, libraries, and other nonprofit institutions. She also worked closely with the Georges River Land Trust on the development of the Langlais Art Preserve in Cushing, ME. Kelly has also worked on St. EOM’s Pasaquan (GA), the Garden of Eden (KS), and Hartman Rock Garden (OH). She has also worked on preserving a number of large collections of art including the Ray Yoshida Collection, the Don Baum Collection, the Jesse Howard Collection, work by Stella Waitzkin, and recently an amazing collection of ceramics by Maryland artist Mary Bowron. Her education and background in fashion served her well in New York, where she worked at companies such as Revlon and Estee Lauder. She has been at Kohler Foundation since 2009.