The Road Less Traveled Conference

Carpool Lane—Community Side of Preservation

September 28, 2017 9:00 a.m.

Discussion allowed for a creative exchange of ideas, serving both current and future efforts at art environments across the country.

Moderator: Anne Pryor
Panelists Rich Gabe, Ronald Harvey, Hannah Blunt, Gary LaFleur, Dennis Sipiorski
Kohler Foundation, Inc. Preservation Specialists Dan Smith and Susan Kelly were available for questions.

Long-term preservation of artist-built environments requires multiple layers of effort to educate, build awareness, and develop allies in the community and beyond. While less technically demanding than the science of art conservation, this side of preservation requires tremendous skill and care. This panel explored key elements that need to be in place for the community side of preservation to be successful. Discussion allowed for a creative exchange of ideas.

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Carpool Lane
Chauvin Folk Art Festival

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