The Road Less Traveled Conference

The Three Point Turn—Pivoting & Finding New Directions

September 27, 2017 9:00AM

In this session, JMKAC curator Karen Patterson moderated a session with three prominent curators in the field. Each curator discussed a particular exhibition, either upcoming or completed, to discuss their inherent challenges and opportunities.

Moderator: Karen Patterson
Panelists: Valérie Rousseau, Kathrine Jentleson, Lisa Stone

Relocated elements of art environments—and self-taught art in general—offer curators interesting challenges. At times, access to primary source material is limited and requires lengthy periods of research and investigation. Because of the nature of the works and the materials used in their creation, unprecedented or untraditional display methods are often required. However, of all the challenges curators face, the interpretation of the works themselves might pose the most daunting task of all.

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