Yoshie Sakai

An extension and expansion of her video series KOKO’s Love, Yoshie Sakai’s installation explores the dichotomy of dreams versus realities through the creation of a simulated pet store and a living room. The series KOKO’s Love centers on the fictional Yuki Sakimoto.

For this exhibition, Sakai will create a new video told from the perspective of the dog that Yuki wants her father to buy for her. This video (and two others from KOKO’s Love) will be incorporated into a series of shelves in front of a painted mural, imitating a pet store with a variety of animals (some created and some found) available for sale. This space is Yuki’s dreamscape—the space where her hoped-for dog lives. In contrast to this scene, Sakai will create a depiction of the Sakimoto family’s living room, also using photo-collaged and painted murals. Here, she will present some of the family’s anecdotes, including a note from Yuki asking her father for the dog. Hanging from the ceiling will be mannequins representing the members of the Sakimoto family, disrupting the otherwise realistic setting. The disorienting addition of these suspended figures combined with the interplay of photographic murals, sculptural renderings of pets, and soap-opera scenes on TVs provides multiple narrative perspectives and disturbs our traditional understanding of autobiography.