Becky Suss

With two large-scale paintings, Becky Suss (PA) depicts household rooms related to her family history. Although her paintings are void of people, each room contains objects that hint at the taste and personalities of its inhabitants. Suss’s paintings draws attention to our everyday habits and routines, highlighting aspects of home that go unnoticed yet inform how we move through space and interact with each other. Her paintings reduce a full three-dimensional setting to two-dimensions, yet with vibrant color and a graphic-novel aesthetic, they appear as though there is a story about to happen.

Within her 2017 painting, Bedroom with Peacock Feathers, a Hamsa amulet hangs above a well-made bed with four tuffs of peacock feathers, both objects symbolizing protection from bad omens. What could that suggest? In Red Apartment, a white porcelain owl perches on a kitchen hutch between various household items. What is the importance of the tchotchkes? Who owns them? Upon close inspection, one begins to imagine who lives in these rooms and to piece their lives together. Suss comments that her detailed paintings are “stages for daily life, the backdrop to what we do in our lives that are of our own stories.”