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Dance, dance, and then dance some more!

Want to show gratitude? Try dancing. Visit JMKAC's Library Sculpture Garden between July 27 and September 30 to join a collaborative dance video that is part of our Tokens of Appreciation exhibition. Find the motion-activated camera (toward the center of the glass windows on the east side of the garden) and do a dance as a tribute to someone or something special in your life. Here are helpful hints for creating your Tokens of Appreciation dance.

Humans were created to move. Speaking, writing, singing, dancing, painting, and using a tool, are just a few actions that begin with a small movement that transforms into something more. Connect with and feel the power you host inside and send the energy out through your limbs! Tap your fingers, bob your head, swing your hips, or dance like you have a bee chasing you!

Art kits are available to pick-up on Thursday, July 30 from 6–8:00 p.m. in the circle driveway at JMKAC. 

Take care of yourself by remembering you were made to move. Use the ribbon included in the art kit to help you get started. Need music? Listen to a curated playlist created by JMKAC each week.



Gratitude Letter Project

Writing a thank-you note can lift your mood—and cheer up the person who receives it. Want to be a part of this win-win proposition?  

Write and send a gratitude letter using stationery created by Between You and Me artist Christine Wong Yap. Yap’s work investigates positive psychology, including two-way mood-boosters such as thank-you notes. Join in her Gratitude Letter Project, which will culminate in a Sheboygan mailbag of gratitude. Easy instructions can be found at

Project Videos


Taylor Wright Rushing Whittle a Critter



Vanessa Andrew Wacky Sewing



Additional Projects

Shaving Cream Art

Fun with Shadows

Artist-in-Residence Taylor Wright Rushing
Learn how to make a zine, whittle a critter, and then take a studio tour with Rushing.

Artist-in-Residence Vanessa Andrew
Andrew's Wacky Sewing process makes novel use of random fabric scraps. Look around your home for unusual and colorful fabric scraps to fashion your own Wacky Sewing work of art. Then take a studio tour with the artist.

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