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Draw inspiration from artists in JMKAC's collection

Connect to artist Gregory Van Maanen’s work by creating your own artwork to process trauma or express ideas about caring for your mental health by participating in Vividly: The Beauty of Consciousness. Sheboygan high school student Sara Vang created this project because she sees mental health as a crucial focus in this day and age.

Express your hopes and dreams for the future by making a Giving Bird, a project inspired by Levi Fisher Ames and Albert Zahn and created by Sheboygan artist Kim Geiser.

Experiment with patterns and textures, drawing inspiration from Loy Bowlin and Nek Chand.

Download art-making kits from our virtual Social STUDIO or pick them up at Social STUDIO on your next visit to the Arts Center. Stop by soon to explore our exhibitions, browse and buy at SHOP, and pick up a delicious take-out lunch or cup of hot cocoa at CAFE.

The CAFE Kitchen: Holiday Cookies

View videos as CAFE Chefs Linday Gilman and Hannah Hunt walk you through the making of gingerbread cookies and chocolate ball cookies, two holiday favorites. Make one batch for yourself and another for your friends.

Make a Giving Bird

The Giving Bird Project encourages participants to express their hopes and dreams for the future and have a little fun! Kim Geiser, an illustrator, author, crafter, and creativity enthusiast, designed this project. In spring of 2020, Geiser founded the Hello Happiness Creativity Center, a Sheboygan nonprofit that provides an inspiring space of learning, connection, support, and renewal through creativity. Head to our virtual Social STUDIO for instructions on how to make a Giving Bird, or pick up instructions the next time you visit the Arts Center.



Make a flag that commemorates resilience

Commemorate what gets you through life’s trying times by joining Between You and Me artist Christine Wong Yap’s How I Keep Looking Up: Flags of Resilience project. Using shapes, colors, and symbols, design a flag that represents a time when you faced a challenge and overcame it—or honors the people, places, experiences, or activities that strengthened your resilience. Learn more about the project on our Social STUDIO website, where you can find instructions and examples.

Additional Projects

Shaving Cream Art

Fun with Shadows

Artist-in-Residence Taylor Wright Rushing
Learn how to make a zine, whittle a critter, and then take a studio tour with Rushing.

Artist-in-Residence Vanessa Andrew
Andrew's Wacky Sewing process makes novel use of random fabric scraps. Look around your home for unusual and colorful fabric scraps to fashion your own Wacky Sewing work of art. Then take a studio tour with the artist.

Gratitude Letter Project
Write and send a gratitude letter using stationery created by Between You and Me artist Christine Wong Yap. Easy instructions can be found at

Project Videos


Taylor Wright Rushing Whittle a Critter



Vanessa Andrew Wacky Sewing



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