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bayne peterson

The Shallow Act of Seeing

On view through May 16, 2021

When does wood appear to be something else entirely? View this substance, long used by humans to create tools, dwellings, and nearly countless other objects, in a new light. Through their work, artists Dan Gunn, Bayne Peterson, and Rachel Beach invite viewers to consider the possibilities of wood, and thus reward the process of looking rather than simply seeing. Visit JMKAC to fully appreciate the wonder of this new exhibition—or feel free to explore it online.

EDM House

On view through January 10, 2021

Artist Kevin Schmidt transforms an abandoned homestead in British Columbia, Canada, into a lone and eerie reverie about displacement and survival. Schmidt covered the house in an excess of colored lights, setting their on/off pattern to a soundtrack of electronic dance music he composed. The resulting film, EDM House, is a disorienting elegy to longing, hubris, and failure that Schmidt creates through a treadmill of club music that loses its euphoria as it transitions from exultant to tedious. Explore this exhibition online, learn more about the film via this conversation between Schmidt and curator Shannon R. Stratton, or see EDM House in person by pre-registering for a visit to the Arts Center.

smaller hmong

Collection Highlights: Hmong Textiles

On view through February 21, 2021

Hmong women begin stitching paj ntaub, or “flower cloth,” at an early age and incorporate them into creations that mark key life stages, from birth to death. Collection Highlights: Hmong Textiles features objects from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s collection, ranging from a baby carrier to a funerary square. Explore this exhibition online or pre-register for a visit to the Arts Center.


Between You and Me artist Christine Wong Yap

On view through February 28, 2021

Ever receive a simple postcard that just made your day? Between You and Me artist Christine Wong Yap studies positive psychology—how people can feel okay even when times and circumstances perhaps aren’t. Her MOODS AND MODES postcard series is featured in Between You and Me, which explores how artists create care and connection in the community. Watch Christine Wong Yap discuss the concept of care in her practice. View this exhibition in person or onlinedownload the exhibition handout, and be sure to pick up Christine Wong Yap's postcards at our Social STUDIO on your next visit to the Arts Center.


Good Road to Follow

On view through January 17, 2021

Good Road to Follow focuses on artists Adolph Vandertie and David Eberhardt, whose work contributes to the lore surrounding the American hobo and their lives on the road. It’s part of the exhibition series On Being Here (and There), which explores how artists’ practices can enhance and activate communities.

Vandertie (1911–2007) was fascinated by the stories, lifestyle, and material objects of the hobos and tramps who would pass through his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Vandertie taught himself to carve and whittle, and eventually made thousands of objects. He also began collecting the carved creations of hobos and tramps.

Eberhardt, a documentary filmmaker and photographer, hopped trains across every state west of the Mississippi, taking photos along the way. Good Road to Follow features a selection of these photographs. Visit this exhibition virtually or in person, or download the exhibition handout.

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