Mask Making Workshop


1:00-4:00 p.m.
The ARTery

Create your tribal mask using papier–mâché and artist Dennis McNett’s screen-printed patterned paper. Choose your favorite deity from McNett’s tale "The Serpent of Sheboygan" and become part of the story. Will you join the Robin tribe, the Turtle tribe, the Wolf tribe, or the Seagull tribe?

FREE, age 8+


Robin spirit came from the East and told the tribe to pray toward the rising sun in the east and to understand and be grateful for fire.

Turtle spirit came from the South and said “go to the lakes edge, face the south, understand the gift of water and be grateful.”

Wolf spirit came from the West and said “go to the stones and sand on the lakes edge, face west, understand the gift of earth and be grateful.”

Seagull spirit came from the North and said “go to the lakes edge, face north, feel the gift of wind and air and be grateful.”