Beat Making Workshop with Kiran “Q the Sun” Vedula


2:00–3:30 p.m.

In this 90-minute workshop, Milwaukee-based producer “Q the Sun” will lead you through the process of making your own beats and writing a song. The process will include team/confidence-building warmup exercises, writing prompts, and hands-on experience using the music production software Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Don't forget to join us that night for the Levitt AMP Sheboygan Music Series. Q the Sun with Shaddye and Baby Mont will open for Cha Wa!

Age 9–18



About the artist:
Kiran "Q the Sun" Vedula is a musician and youth advocate from Milwaukee specializing in composition and production, live performance, and media-based mentorship. He has been an active producer and performer for 15 years, working closely with top-notch artists and organizations locally, nationally, and abroad.

After receiving a master’s degree in American cultural studies from UW-Milwaukee in 2012, he developed and implemented a creativity and mindfulness program for at-risk middle school and high school students. Whether working with young people or adults, his mission is to create safe spaces in which people can freely and honestly express themselves; to provide inspiration, motivation, and opportunities for people to connect with themselves and with others through the creative process; and to build community through compassionate communication and shared positive experiences.


Q the Sun. Photo courtesy of the artist.