Indian Cooking


6:00–8:00 p.m.

Make delicious naan and curry. Let your taste buds take a vacation to India, even if the rest of you cannot!

Age 14+

$30 ($25 member)

About the instructor:
When asked why she likes teaching at the Arts Center, Marilyn Montemayor said, “It feels very comfortable, it’s a second home to me, I’m just so comfortable here and working with the people here.” Montemayor has been a part of the Arts Center since it comprised only the former John Michael Kohler home. She began as a volunteer and has since taken on many roles. “When I’m teaching the children and the adults, we aren’t learning just the science of cooking, but the art of it as well, as each individual sees it and tastes it,” says Montemayor. “The best thing is creating something from what you have around—that’s what I really like.”

Before you cook, enjoy a performance by Ananya Dance. Ananya intersects contemporary Indian American dance with a philosophy of social justice to create original dance theatre about the extraordinary work and dreams of women around the world. Performances are April 9 and April 11.