Exhibition Guided Session III


12:00–1:30 p.m.

Session III: Farewell Heart Emergence Ritual

Sojourner Zenobia guides you through an embodied experience of Saya Woolfalk's Visionary Reality Outpost using meditation, circle dialogue, self-inquiry, altar building, visualization, and authentic movement.

This guided session in Visionary Reality Outpost will awaken you to your own subtle body resonance through body scans and authentic movement. Using empathy practices and self-love meditations, you will connect to the divine humanity present in one another and explore themes of collective consciousness. The session concludes with a celebratory ecstatic dance.  

Age 14+



Photo: Visionary Reality Outpost: Saya Woolfalk installation view at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, 2019.

August 10 Saturday FREE General Admission

Sojourner Zenobia

Sojourner Zenobia, (pronouns: she/her and they/them) is a storyteller, performance artist, and meditation and ritual-space holder. Their performance work is informed by ancestral and nature energies and invites people of color to engage in personal connection to feminine principles as innate, evolutionary, medicinal embodiments. Sojourner began practicing samatha (single-pointed meditation) in 2004 at Naropa University. They also practiced vipassana (insight meditation) in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition at Amaravati Monastery in England. Sojourner began studying energy work at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago in 2011. At Life Force, they began to strengthen their relationships with nature, ancestors, and other spirit guides.

Since 2012, Sojourner has guided a meditation series for femmes of color called “Stillness.” In 2014, they completed a peace circle training through Circles and Ciphers in Chicago and began to weave restorative justice practices into their work. In 2018, they developed an initiative to revive community grieving circles with a collective of women and femmes who, together, unite the ancient cross-cultural healing practices of storytelling, song, Chinese medicine, and deep rest to integrate grief as a natural and necessary season of life. Sojourner has a unique and creative toolbox they use to craft specialized meditations, and they are versatile and spontaneous in their guidance.