Conversations on Race and Empowerment (CoRE)


10:00–11:30 a.m.

Every Body Matters 

During this final spring session, we will explore healthcare and gender in the U.S. How do we define, explain, and teach healthy human sexuality for all and to all?

Age 18+



Conversations on Race and Empowerment (CoRE) is a series of facilitated community dialogues about the impact of race, identity, and power in our country and community. Reverend Lex Cade-White and Alexandra Nugent, both experienced facilitators, use data-driven resources to engage participants in approachable and inclusive discussions through creative expression and self-reflection. This series equips participants with the vocabulary and knowledge needed to further their understanding of privilege and the historical and current relations among diverse groups. The CoRE series gives tools to empower participants to go out and make a difference in their communities.


April 27 Saturday FREE General Admission