Yoga for Dancers

Thurs., Oct. 22

4:30-5:15 p.m. CT 

Via Zoom

This class is for those who want to move and stretch at home. We will go through yoga poses, routines, and stretches that enhance our dance technique. Be ready to wake up the joints, warm up your muscles, and bring full breath into the body. All you need is a space the length and width of a yoga mat, a firm pillow, and a strap (can be a scarf or belt).  

Ages 9-12


Instructor: Libby Schmitz 

Schmitz is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s dance department, where she received her BFA in the contemporary dance track with a minor in somatics. Her senior-year project was to represent University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at the American College Dance Festival in Minnesota. As a post graduate, she has performed with The Human Movement Project: Rooftop Dance, Wildspace Dance Company MKE, and in the Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival. Back in her hometown of Sheboygan, she has produced her first show, “Bodies of Work: A Showcase of Independent Choreographers,” in the Paradigm Annex. She has been a dance instructor at the Arts Center for 6 years. In addition to teaching at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, she is a figure-skating instructor and a certified yoga instructor.  



Photo: Students in ballet essentials, 2019. Photo by Whitney Morales.