Collection Series

Sheboygan Men's Room

Location: East Wing Men’s Washroom

Brooklyn artist Ann Agee was first invited to be an artist-in-residence in the Arts/Industry program in 1991. Trained as a painter at Yale and with an MFA from Cooper Union School of Art, Agee had no formal training in ceramics but began painting on clay through a desire to create three-dimensional paintings. For the washroom commissioned in 1998, Sheboygan Men’s Room, Agee chose to work with rich cobalt blue and white, deliberately reminiscent of Delft and Staffordshire ceramics. She glazed hundreds of tiles, the lavatories, urinal, toilets, and counter with intricate patterns inspired by historic motifs and with imagery devoted to the subject of water, particularly how it touches the lives of Sheboygan-area residents. All of the images in the washroom represent actual places in Sheboygan County; from a local car wash to views of Lake Michigan, a community swimming pool to supermarket shelves laden with bottled water, a water treatment plant to hundreds of Sheboygan homes with sprinklers and swimming pools.