Conversations on Care: Let’s Talk about It, Together

6:00–7:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting

Join Lisa Jarrett, Harrell Fletcher, Anne Basting, Olivia Mulcahy, and Jonathan Shailor for a community conversation on how creative practices connect to care. What does care mean, and how can it impact our lives and communities this fall?

The panelists’ research and practices focus on the education system, elder care, adults with memory loss, and imprisoned individuals. How do these and other community infrastructures change when we infuse them with care? How can we collectively be a part of change?

Following brief introductions from each panelist, attendees will be a part of breakout conversations with one of the panelists. Bring your ideas about care, concerns for your community, and questions about their practices to the table. Let’s talk about care, together.

This conversation is part of Between You and Me, an exhibition that examines how artists care for their communities.

All ages


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