Wisconsin Wild and Tame


February 21, 2016 — August 7, 2016

Jessica Calderwood and Debbie Kupinsky make works rooted in their personal experiences of family, childhood, and nature to transport viewers to places that are both recognizable and otherworldly. Calderwood’s figures, which are often female, are composed of flowers mixed with fragments of the human body. Flowers appear throughout history and across cultures as symbols of the feminine. Reacting to the phrase “a woman is a delicate flower,” Calderwood deliberately uses floral imagery to both acknowledge and subvert this traditional view. Kupinsky creates hybrid creatures that reveal the relationship between humans and animals. Figures with the heads of wolves, birds, and rabbits exist within abstract landscapes and imaginary narratives dreamed up by the artist. These storybook characters express the desire to connect with nature and capture the tension that arises when natural and man-made worlds collide.

Our gratitude is extended to The Frank G. and Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation, Sargento Foods Inc. and the Herzfeld Foundation for major support of this exhibition and to the Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts. Funding also was provided by the members of the Exhibitions & Collections Giving Circle. In addition, Arts Center programs are made possible by the generous support of its members.