Toward Textiles

Carole Frances Lung: Factory to Factory

February 22, 2015 — October 11, 2015

Combining a handwoven uniform, a knitted sock, cast-iron pattern pieces, a cast-iron sculpture of a sewing machine, and a model of the Wigwam Mills factory made during her 2014 Arts/Industry residency, Carole Frances Lung’s (CA) exhibition in the TOWARD TEXTILES series focuses on the individuals involved in textile production.

For many years, Lung worked in the garment industry. There, she witnessed questionable practices and the negative effects of globalization on garment workers worldwide. This experience ignited her current art practice that emphasizes skill sharing, hands-on craft instruction, and micro-economies. To do this, Lung often enlists the assistance of her alter ego, Frau Fiber, a labor activist and former garment worker from East Germany and a champion for workers’ rights worldwide.

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