Toward Textiles

Joan Livingstone: Oddment[s]

February 15, 2015 — September 27, 2015

Paying close attention to our surroundings and the study of material things is at the center of Joan Livingstone’s (IL) exhibition, ODDMENT[S]. It is her practice to walk through neighborhoods and pick up all sort of enticing things––a visual litany of found fragments such as rocks, abandoned toys, metal parts, or construction debris She brings them back to her studio, and the process of reinvention begins. Livingstone layers the objects with “skins” of felt, paper, and gold leaf. Giving each “lost treasure” a new context and a new life, Livingstone shifts their inherent meaning and material makeup. ODDMENT[S] presents over thirty of Livingstone’s transformed objects and twelve photographs of cloud formations—the result is a thoughtful meditation on the attraction of ”things.”

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