Drop-In Projects

One-Page Gallery Zine

One-page zines are a type of publication usually mass-produced by photocopying. Zines are used as a means of telling one’s story, expressing thoughts, or sharing artwork. Once your zine is folded, grab a clipboard, sharpen your pencil, and head into the galleries! Use the exhibition series as inspiration for your pages. Stop back in The ARTery when you are finished to add color or keep it black and white. Take your finished zine with you and make photocopies to give to your family and friends!

Observational Drawing:

Come visit our garden space created for Sarah Gail Luther to share her skill of observational drawing for her ExAIR residency. Grab a clipboard, a writing utensil, and a spot to sit. Don’t be afraid to get up and close to your subject so you can see the details and find the patterns. When you are finished, take your sketches with you as a reminder to keep sketching what you see around you.

Mindful Making

Artist Saya Woolfalk’s exhibition Visionary Reality Outpost provides a space for visitors to enact their desires for a positive possible future by fostering ideas of mindfulness and self-actualization in our physical world and the world we create for ourselves through digital technology. All of Woolfalk’s pieces began as watercolor paintings. She then scanned her paintings and used a computer to create new images, patterns, and animations. Notice the shapes and colors Woolfalk used and then return to The ARTery to create an abstract painting using watercolors that will become a part of The ARTery meditation space.

Visual and Material Culture Card Catalog

Find inspiration from the places, objects, and images in the Mise-en-Scène exhibition series, and then add a specimen from your own visual or material culture to our collaborative, imaginary Visual and Material Culture Library. Use drawing materials to complete a catalog card about your specimen and why it is important to you, and then file it into the card catalog. Additional art-making materials will be available during staff-guided ARTery hours.

Adventures in Space Part 1: Script

This three-part project is inspired by the exhibition B-Side of the Moon: Scott Reeder, where he has built a movie set that will be used to film an alternate storyline for his finished feature film Moon Dust. For this project we will first be creating the script, then props, and then filming. The script template is created in the style of Mad Libs. This is where a person prompts another to give adjectives, nouns, and verbs that will fill in the blanks and create a comical or nonsensical story when you read it all together. The scripts will be collected in a binder. Prop preparation will be in May and June and used when filming in July and August.