Drop-In Projects

One-Page Gallery Zine

One-page zines are a type of publication usually mass-produced by photocopying. Zines are used as a means of telling one’s story, expressing thoughts, or sharing artwork. Once your zine is folded, grab a clipboard, sharpen your pencil, and head into the galleries! Use the exhibition series as inspiration for your pages. Stop back in The ARTery when you are finished to add color or keep it black and white. Take your finished zine with you and make photocopies to give to your family and friends!

Observational Drawing:

Come visit our garden space created for Sarah Gail Luther to share her skill of observational drawing for her ExAIR residency. Grab a clipboard, a writing utensil, and a spot to sit. Don’t be afraid to get up and close to your subject so you can see the details and find the patterns. When you are finished, take your sketches with you as a reminder to keep sketching what you see around you.


Inspired by the weaving studio recreated in The ARTery, drop in and continue working on one of the lap looms. Remember, the yarn moves through the warp in a pattern of over, under, over, under, over, under… until you reach the other side. Loop around and do it again. As the weavings are finished, they will be pulled from the loom and woven together to create a piece that will span from ceiling to floor.

Paper Tile Style

Inspired by exhibiting artist Odili Donald Odita use of colors with a historical reference to the work of Sol Lewitt art of directions, follow the laminated instruction card to create a paper tile. Instructions differ depending on age, but all works of art will include lines, circles, and triangles. The uniqueness of each tile will depend on the colors chosen to use and the location of the shapes on the tile. Include your tile with others on the magnet board and compare the similarities and differences.

Stained Glass

Help transform The ARTery windows with colorful cellophane creations inspired by exhibiting artists Mary Nohl and Sarah Gail Luther. During her fall 2018 residency, Luther worked with students sharing her experience of observational drawing in Mary Nohl’s garden and showing how to transform the patterns you see around you into colorful stained-glass style works of art.