Julia Randall


Julia Randall, Blueberry, 2012; colored pencil; 26 x 40 in. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Julia Randall, Bubblehead #2, 2012; colored pencil; 24 x 18 in. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Arts/Industry resident Julia Randall, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Julia Randall, Decoy #5, 2006; colored pencil; 34 x 46 in. Photo courtesy of the artist.


January 13–April 20, 2019

Julia Randall is an artist who focuses on a specific type of drawing that examines the corporeal experience. She uses observation-based drawing and hyperrealistic techniques to create images that are surreal and suggestive.  Randall is expanding her drawing into a three-dimensional practice to create setups that recall naturalist imagery that she originally featured in her Decoy series.

Her work has been shown at Garvey Simon Art Access in New York City, Davison Art Center in Connecticut, Middlesex County College in New Jersey, and Esa Jaske Gallery Project Space in Australia.

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