Arts/Industry Collection

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Arts/Industry Collection


David Franklin (WA) (Pottery)

A/I Residency: 9/23-12/15/2012; 9/21-12/13/2015

Laurel Roth Hope (CA) (Pottery)

A/I Residency: 1/4 - 3/25/2016

Jim Neel (Pottery) (AL)

A/I Residency: 6/13-6/26/2010; 1/11/2016-4/15/2016

Junko Iijima (OR) (Foundry)

A/I Residency: 4/6 - 6/19/2004; 1/5 - 2/6/2016

Undine Brod (NY) (Foundry)

A/I Residency: 2/10 - 4/29/2016

Stephen Paul Day

A/I Residency: 2016

The Arts/Industry collection comprises works of art produced by artists-in-residence in the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s world-renowned Arts/Industry program. Often cited as one of the most unusual ongoing collaborations between arts and industry in the United States, Arts/Industry is coordinated and administered by the Arts Center and hosted and supported by Kohler Co. All of the works of art produced by artists during their residencies belong to them. Artists are asked to donate one work of art to the collection of the Arts Center and one to that of Kohler Co.

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