Curricular Resources

Curricular resources bring the exhibitions to your classroom!

Use the following resources to inspire your students and supplement your visit to the Arts Center.

The education team is available to help tailor our curriculum to your classroom needs or collaborate with you and your students on a project. Contact us at to request specific materials or discuss the possibilities for collaborations.

Spring 2019 suggested pre-visit activities >

Exhibition Overviews

Integrate our flexible exhibition overviews as a pre- or post-visit activity to support your field trip, bell ringer exercises, vocabulary integration, or the start to a lesson.

Exhibition overviews are developed for different suggested grade levels. Choose the one that feels like the best fit for you and your group!

Mary Nohl and the Walrus Club

Apartment 4


General Arts Center

Extension Activities and Lessons

Extension activities provide suggestions for one-day explorations or longer lesson plans for our current exhibitions.

Mary Nohl-inspired lesson plans developed in collaboration with ExAIR artist Sarah Luther.

            Art-Environment Builder Biographies for Students

  •  Mary Nohl
  • Dr. Charles Smith—Coming soon!

Neurodiverse Students

We strive for every student to feel welcome and comfortable at the Arts Center. Please contact our education staff at prior to your visit to request tailor-made materials for your visit and goals, such as social narratives and sensory materials that connect to the exhibitions.

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