Hands-on workshops


Embark on a yearlong exploration of art environments. This series of fifteen exhibitions not only offers a rare opportunity to experience the work of seventeen art-environment builders from the Arts Center’s world-renowned collection, it incorporates new writing and works of art produced by scholars, curators, musicians, and exceptional theorists from wide-ranging disciplines in response to the environments.

The Arts Center has created school tools that help each age group experience THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. These workshop activities are designed to deepen the experience of art, foster creativity, and nurture skills to engage with art independently.

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Hands-On Workshops

Art-making experiences that challenge students to develop their own creative potential using a variety of materials and techniques. For any questions about our workshops, please email bookatour@jmkac.org.


Discovery Journals (pre-k- 2nd grade) 45-minute tour and 45-minute hands-on experience

Cost $5.00

Discover the wonder of the art environments in THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED exhibition series. Students will observe and draw in the galleries on a personal sketchbook and create a unique mixed-media cover.

Concrete Creation: Fantasy Faces (1st--3rdgrade) 45-minute tour and 45-minute hands-on experience

Cost $5.00

Inspired by the concrete faces seen in the THINGS ARE WHAT WE ENCOUNTER: DR. CHARLES SMITH exhibition, students will create their own garden paver. Step into your garden on a concrete creation. Add tiles, colored stones, and a variety of embellishments to your unique paver. (Pavers need to be picked up at a later date to allow concrete to set up.)

Hump-Mold Ceramic Masks (1st-5thgrade) 45-minute tour and 45-minute hands-on experience

Cost $5.00

This is offered to homeschools and schools that do not have ceramic opportunities in their classrooms.

Using the MYTHOLOGIES: EUGENE VON BRUENCHENHEIN exhibition as inspiration, students will create a 3-D ceramic mask. All masks will be fired. Students will paint or stain their creations back at their classrooms.

Plaster Mask Journals (3rd-4thgrade) one-hour tour and one-hour hands-on experience

Cost $6.00

Explore the masks seen throughout the Arts Center’s galleries; select a journal and precast plaster masks to enhance with watercolor, color pencil, and a variety of mixed media. Students are encouraged to write their reactions and observations upon returning to their classrooms.

Speaking Volumes: Cast Wax Assemblage (5th-12th grade) one-hour tour and one-hour hands-on experience

Cost $6.00

Influenced by the castings seen in the VOLUMES: STELLA WAITZKIN  exhibition, students will cast their own ear, nose, mouth, fingers, or toes using alginate and sculptures wax. The wax body part components will be mounted on a small book and completed with a written exploration of lyrics to a song or personal story component.

Miniature Kinetic Sculptures (5th-12th grade) one-hour tour and one-hour hands-on experience

Cost $6.00

Emery Blagdon designed “The Healing Machine” to channel the earth’s energies and alleviate pain and illness. Students will construct a three-dimensional component made from wire, copper, foil, metallic found objects, buttons, beads, and a variety of mixed media. Upon completion, participants will suspend their component on a large armature to create a group kinetic sculpture.

Pewter Cast Symbols and Adornments (6th-12th grade) one-hour tour and one-hour hands-on experience

Cost $6.00

Examine the Arts/Industry works of art seen throughout the grounds and restrooms of the Arts Center. Design and cast a symbol or adornment that can be created into a three-dimensional sculpture, pendant, or adornment.

Exhibition Artists-in-Residence (ExAIR)


ExAIR residencies offer students exciting opportunities to meet and work with renowned artists exhibiting at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Participants learn more about the artist practice and explore the creative process with the artists.

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Please contact Community Arts Residency Coordinator, Craig Grabhorn, at cgrabhorn@jmkac.org with inquiries about featured artists.