Hands-on workshops


How do we know what we know? The 2018 Unseen Forces series delves into the finer points of an artist’s life and explores the rich territories of belief, opinion, and fact in contemporary art. Through five art environments, three of them newly created, Unseen Forces displays fiction combined with historical fact—mischievously exploring the forces at work behind “truth.”

The Arts Center will provide age-appropriate workshops for school tours experiencing Unseen Forces. These workshop activities are designed to deepen the experience of art, foster creativity, and nurture skills to engage with art independently.

Schedule your school tour today! Please email bookatour@jmkac.org.

Hands-On Workshops

Our new 2018 workshop choices will be listed by the end of February. Stay tuned!

Exhibition Artists-in-Residence (ExAIR)


ExAIR residencies offer students exciting opportunities to meet and work with renowned artists exhibiting at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Participants learn more about the artist practice and explore the creative process with the artists.

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Please contact Community Arts Residency Coordinator Craig Grabhorn at cgrabhorn@jmkac.org with inquiries about featured artists.