Alexandra Nugent earned a Master’s of Education in Second Languages and Cultures Education from the University of Minnesota where she was a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow. She taught in public schools for seven years and received a tenured position at South St. Paul Public Schools International Baccalaureate Program. While studying to become a teacher, Alexandra participated in various travel-study and study-abroad programs, such as a summer trip to Montgomery, Alabama, to partner with students from Alabama State University studying social justice. She also traveled to Taiwan to study Mandarin Chinese, Spain and Peru to study Spanish, and as a student-teacher completed the Urban Teacher’s Education Partnership. Ms. Nugent established a program between Maplewood Middle School and the University of Minnesota’s Medical School to connect middle-school students of color with medical school students of color as mentors over the course of two years, funded by various local and state grants. She has also led cross-cultural trainings for her fellow teachers through the Office of Education Equity. She holds two K-12 teaching licenses. Alexandra is currently an adjunct faculty instructor for the English Language Learning program at Lakeshore Technical College in Sheboygan where she helps immigrants and refugees learn English and about the culture of the United States.