Past Connecting Communities



Community members collaborated with Brazilian-born artist Artur Silva on a large-scale digital collage that explored this region's popular culture. In his own work, Silva examines the way that images in advertising and the general media create oversimplified representations of cultures. He appropriates and modifies these images to create works that investigate his own role in a commodity-driven culture and how he negotiates his existence in this system. Participants shared and documented items that they find valuable in their personal lives and then used this imagery to create a digital collage that reveals the material-based values of the region.

Tell Us What You Value Most…

Artur Silva visitied schools, churches, and other organizations to document items that individuals found valuable. Participants were asked to bring an item that they found significant and valuable in their lives—a grandmother’s wedding ring, a letter from a father, a dog—anything to talk about and document. The objects were photographed and appeared in the final, collaborative digital collage.

Our Community Partners: Boys and Girls Club of Sheboygan County, Hispanic Service Club, Hmong Mutual Assistance AssociationLakeland CollegeLakeshore Technical College, Northern Wisconsin Regional Council of Carpenters Local 731, Partners for Community Development, Project Youth, Safe Harbor of Sheboygan County, The Salvation Army, St. Clement Parish, Sheboygan Area School DistrictSheboygan County Chamber of CommerceSheboygan County HHSD-Wraparound Mentoring Program, and University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan. Connecting Communities projects are made possible by vital grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and an anonymous donor. Additional funding and in-kind contributions make the individual projects possible.