Past Connecting Communities


APRIL 2011

Developed by playwright Anne Basting, TimeSlips opened storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with encouragement to imagine. The program utilized trained individuals who presented provocative images to people with cognitive challenges and encouraged the viewers to tell their own stories about them. In phase one of TimeSlips, nearly 300 participants worked with photographer Celeste Nelms as she led offsite photo shoots, taught basic darkroom processing, and created scenarios for participants to create original images.

Twenty-two of the hundreds of photographs taken were selected for an exhibition and used in phase two of the project. In this phase, Basting trained participants to facilitate the storytelling process, and participants then facilitated the process with groups from long-term care facilities and adult day programs, as well as tour groups of all ages and abilities. As the stories were created, they were added to the exhibition gallery for general visitors to explore, and a guest book invited viewers to further respond to the work.

Connecting Communities collaborations are supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust.