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The Return of the BIG Sheboygan Shebang!

The show inside the Weill Center will be preceded by a stupendous array of free street performances. Downtown Eighth Street will be the site of feats of derring-do and flamboyant antics as prelude to the main stage event.

Saturday, September 24, 2016, 7:30 p.m.
At Weill Center for the Performing Arts

Seven years ago, the Arts Center produced a one-night vaudevillian spectacular that filled the Weill Center with exclamations of delight, roars of laughter, and gasps of astonishment. It was the original Big Sheboygan Shebang, and it returns for one night only in September.

Internationally renowned Dr. Prof. Tomáš Kubínek will again direct an extravaganza spotlighting the remarkable talents of his invited guest artists and more than 100 area residents. There will be astounding aerial silk-rope artists, exotic belly dancers, soul-stirring African dancers, whimsical sock-puppet shows, magnificent magicians, and so much more—all in celebration of the diverse people and cultures of Sheboygan.


Elise Ebner - Dancer and Aerial Rope Artiste

Elise was drawn to heights from a young age. At eight years old she fell in love with climbing and trained as a competitive rock climber for nine years. Her feet were never satisfied on the ground for long. When Elise began rope dancing seven years ago, there were no aerial or circus classes in the small British Columbian town in which she lived, so she bought her own equipment and began to teach herself. Now Elise performs at events and festivals along the west coast of Canada and in the states, alongside sword swallowers, belly dancers, and fire eaters. When she is not rope dancing, she may be found scaling tall cliffs, working with a chainsaw in the forest canopy, or creating shadow puppets on her light projector.

Elise is from Portland, Oregon, and she now lives on a boat in Squamish, BC. She lived in a van for three years while traveling from Mexico to Yukon, Canada.

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Al Simmons - Creative Genius Extraordinaire

He's a musician! He’s an inventor! He's a nut! He’s been called the Thomas Edison of entertainers, a wizard of one-liners, and a lightning bolt of lunacy. His astounding gadgets, preposterous songs, and impeccable comic timing have thrilled and entertained all ages for close to half a century. Young or old, audiences cannot fail to appreciate this man’s frenetic stage antics and mind-boggling lovableness.

Al Simmons is a creative genius whose charm and humanity have won over a legion of fans at theaters and festivals around the world. His highly original performances of profound wackiness and his off-the-wall inventions take the arts of music and comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity.

"A masterpiece!"—The Los Angeles Times

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Tomás Kubínek - Shebang Master-Mind and JMKAC Artist-in-Residence

Billed as a Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible, Tomáš Kubínek is a comic genius, virtuoso vaudevillian, and all-round charmer who gives audiences an utterly joyous experience they'll remember for a lifetime. With appearances in over 30 countries, Mr. Kubínek has won the hearts of thousands in theaters, opera houses, television specials, on Broadway, and at international festivals of culture. Transcending categorization, his work leaves audiences clutching their sides with laughter, breathless, and madly in love.

“Absolutely expert and consistently charming!”—The New York Times

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