art in public spaces

About the Art in Public Spaces Program

The Connecting Communities Art in Public Spaces program creates collaborative public art that empowers Sheboygan communities. It develops interaction through the creation of art in public spaces to reconnect people with their own creativity, while working together to build a cultural identity that facilitates positive change.


826 N. 8th Street
Alleyway next to the Weill Center

Visit this stunning, large-scale installation by artist Mary Anne Kluth and the Sheboygan community. It will be a fixture in downtown Sheboygan for one year. This artwork was inspired by the natural land bridge in Virginia once owned by Thomas Jefferson. You simply have to see it in person!

More about this project...

Natural Bridge Study | Estudio del Puente Natural
Natural Bridge Study will be an immersive installation in the 8th Street Weill Center alleyway in Sheboygan. It will be built like a stage that will represent an image of the natural land bridge in Virginia, made from a collage of theme park and landscape photos. The image will be based on the Hudson River School painter Frederic Edwin Church’s The Natural Bridge (1852). The final installation will be completely visible from the street, but will visually break down into parts when viewed up close from inside the alley.

Natural Bridge Study will involve the local community, especially the Latinx community, by inviting them to contribute their personal photos of fake landscapes, which will be incorporated into the collage and painted into the installation. This is intended as a gesture of inclusion, metaphorically signifying the contributions of immigrants to America throughout its history, and also literally including the visual mementos of the community into a Sheboygan public space.


Opening (Walk Through #1)

Opening (Walk Through #1) is a responsive pubic artwork enhancing community interactions with the architecture and open space in one of downtown Sheboygan’s alleyways. The construction of the piece will bridge the public space with the community that inhabit it. This, in turn, should mirror how the relationship between people, art, and environment can empower the city as a whole. As a Colombian immigrant, Gabriel finds it important to involve the community, especially the Latinx community, in this process as a way to integrate them and thus enrich the fabric of the Sheboygan Community.

At workshops held at the Midsummer Festival of the Arts, The ARTery, and in donated space at the Mi Ranchito restaurant on Indiana Avenue, Gabriel worked with community members to explore colors and patterns she could use for her project. In two-dimensional activities, participants threaded string onto a paper printout of the alley to suggest rope patterns Gabriel could use in the final design of the artwork.

Gabriel’s piece will be installed in the alley next to the Korthals Enterprises Building in the 500 block of North Eighth Street. It will be a 70-foot-long structure constructed of painted wood beams that fan out toward the sky. The work will be threaded with rope, painted the colors of the lake, and be a place Gabriel hopes will attract people there to appreciate the natural beauty above and below them. A community unveiling of Gabriel’s piece is planned for mid-June of 2018.


Made possible with support from the National Endowment for the Arts,
Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust, and the Frederic Cornell Kohler Charitable Trust.
Additional support was provided by City of Sheboygan, Northern Wisconsin Regional Council of Carpenters Local 731, Quasius Construction Inc., Sheboygan Squared, and Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts.