The Serpent of Sheboygan

The Serpent of Sheboygan Mythos

Thousands of years after the flames of Ragnarok had burned over the earth and the smoke from the fires blocked the sun from warming the planet, there came an age of ice. Energies and information of the great gods and giants were scattered and lost across mountains, seas, winds, and giant glaciers. The ice and brutally cold climate had come on so quickly that some of the survivors of Ragnarok were frozen in catacombs of ice. One of these giants came to be known as the Serpent of Sheboygan.

Approximately 10,000 years ago these glaciers had moved across what we know now as North America, carving deep ravines into the earth. Once the smoke had cleared and the sun could reach the planet’s surface again, some of these glaciers began to melt, filling these ravines into what would become the Great Lakes. Encapsulated in one of these glaciers was the son of an ancient sea giant known as Jörmungandr or Midgard serpent. Rejuvenated by the sun, Jörmungandr’s son awoke in Lake Michigan. He carried with him ancient knowledge vital to the Wolfbat tribe.

After praying to the Creator for direction on their life path, four deities came forward to speak with them. Robin spirit came from the East, Turtle spirit came from the South, Wolf spirit came from the West, and Seagull spirit came from the North. Robin spirit told the tribe to pray towards the rising sun in the east and to understand and be grateful for fire. Turtle spirit came forward and said to go to the lake’s edge, face the south, understand the gift of water, and be grateful. Wolf spirit said go to the stones and sand on the lake’s edge, face west, understand the gift of earth, and be grateful. Seagull spirit said go to the lake’s edge, face north, feel the gift of wind and air, and be grateful. Then the Serpent of Sheboygan will appear to you with great knowledge.

The Wolfbat tribe followed the instructions of the four deities. They went to the lake’s edge early and saw the sun rise from the east and were grateful for fire. They faced the south and heard the sound of the cool water. They were grateful for the water. They faced the west and felt the sand and stones beneath their feet. They were grateful for the earth. They faced the north and felt the great winds that filled their lungs. They were grateful for the air.

Suddenly the Serpent of Sheboygan rose up from the lake and swam towards them. It was massive and beautiful. It came to the shore near where the tribe was standing and the tribe said, “Creator has sent us to hear your ancient wisdom. Four spirits have instructed us to establish a connection to the four directions and each has made us aware of great gifts.”

The Serpent said to them, “Creator has spoken to me as well. Creator said for me to send a spirit from each direction with the ancient knowledge to the Wolfbat tribe. I have sent Robin with fire, Turtle with water, Wolf with earth, and Seagull with air. You have learned to be grateful for gifts of the spirits. You have learned to pray, listen, and respond. You have established a connection to the four cardinal directions. Now, let us thank the Mother Earth below and the Father Sky above. This will make six directions. Now let us thank the Creator at our heart’s center and this will be the seventh. This is the knowledge I carry and that you now carry.”