Lenore Tawney: Mirror of the Universe


Lenore Tawney: Mirror of the Universe

October 6, 2019–March 7, 2020

This series of four exhibitions will explore Lenore Tawney's (1907–2007) life and impact, offering a personal and historical view into her entire body of work.



Wandering Wisconsin

Explore astounding large-scale works of art known as art environments that have surprised travelers and intrigued and bemused local residents throughout the Wisconsin landscape for decades


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untitled (surfboards) installation view


The Arts/Industry collection comprises works of art produced by artists-in-residence in the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s world-renowned Arts/Industry program.

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The Women's Room (detail, west wing women's room)

World Famous Washrooms

The public washrooms at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center epitomize the achievements of Arts/Industry, the decades-long collaboration between art and industry conceived by Director Ruth Kohler. 

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